Paint Correction

Make the Scratches on Your Car Disappear

Make the Scratches on Your Car Disappear

Rely on us for paint correction services in Lusby, California & Lexington Park, MD

If you're sick of looking at scratches, swirl marks and water spots on your car, turn to Autocave Auto Detailing, LLC for help. We offer paint correction and sealing services in Lusby and California, MD. You can trust us to remove all the little imperfections on your vehicle and protect your paint job with wax or ceramic coating. We recommend ceramic coating since it lasts longer than wax.

Enhance the appearance of your vehicle by scheduling paint sealing services today.

Why should you get paint correction services?

A few touch-ups can go a long way. When you schedule paint correction and paint sealing services, you'll be taking a step to:

  • Protect the exterior of your car
  • Remove surface-level imperfections
  • Preserve the value of your vehicle

We'll take the time to examine imperfections on your car and determine the best way to remove or conceal them. We can also use compounding, polishing and wet sanding techniques to get rid of scratches, when necessary. Contact us now to get an estimate on paint enhancement and polishing services.