Master Price List


*Hand Wash - Exterior$60$65$70
**Mini Detail - Exterior and Interior$100$120$140

Hand Wash Service: (30-45 Minutes Depending on size of vehicle)
Mini Detail Service: (45+ Minutes Depending on size of vehicle)

*Hand wash service is a quick outside wash using a wash and wax combination soap that not only cleans but protects at the same time. Then it is followed up with a hand towel dry and tires dressed. This service does not remove stuck on bugs, tar, or road grime. The Hand Wash service is strictly an express wash only.

**Mini Detail consists of a wash and wax with a soap that consists of a mixture of wash soap and wax formula. Towel Dry. Thorough vacuum of floor, mats, seats. Quick wipe down of the interior door panels, door jambs, dashboard, center console.
**Mini Detail does not remove stuck on bugs, tar, sap on the exterior and does not remove stains or pet hair and does not get shampooed. If you are interested in those services, refer to our Exterior Signature Detail and Signature Interior Detail services.

Interior Detail

Signature Int. DetailCarMidsizeOversize
*Signature Int. Detail$250$300$350
*Add leather and fabric protection (up to 2 year protection with a ceramic coating)$200$250$275
*Monthly Int.$150$200$250
**Bi Monthly Int.$100$150$200

(4+ Hours)

*Plus $50/hour for excessive pet hair, stains, and dirt upon visual inspection of vehicle.

Membership Washes

Monthly Membership$70$80$95
*Add interior detail-each visit$20$20$35
*Monthly Int.$150$200$250
**Bi Monthly Int.$100$150$200

*Interior of vehicle must be in average conditions. There will be an additional charge of $50/hour if there is excess stains, pet hair, and dirt upon inspection of vehicle. The additional $20 for interior is for a quick wipe down of seats, door panels, dashboard, center console, door jambs.

Exterior Detail

Exterior Maintenance DetailCarMidsizeOversize
*Polish & Wax (up to 6 months)$200$250$300
*Polish & Sealant (up to 12 months)$300$350$400

(3+ Hours)

*This service will add a level of shine and protection to your vehicle's paint. It will keep your car looking fresh, however, it will not correct any swirls or scratches that are already present. A one step polish and wax or spray sealant is used to finish the service off and protecting your vehicle.

Paint Enhancement DetailCarMidsizeOversize
*Spray Ceramic (up to 12 months)$200$300$400

(4+ Hours)

*The Paint Enhancement Detail is the difference maker when it comes to your vehicle's visual appearance. With this detail, our goal is to remove about 85% of the defects from your paint leaving a huge improvement. We use a compound that will remove swirls, scratches and other random defects such as etchings from neglect bug guts, acid rain and hard water spots, and any other accidental mishaps.

**Upgrade to a Professional Grade System X ceramic coating for added shine, depth, clarity, and ultimate protection to last for years.

Multi-Step Paint CorrectionCarMidsizeOversize
*Paint Correction$500$600$700

(1-3 Days)

*Multi-Step Correction is where all the perfection meets the paint. Just like we wash, decontaminate, dry the vehicle off, we roll our sleeves up and crack a can of Monster open because our goal is to eliminate about 98% of total defects on the paint. From least aggressive to medium aggressive to even the most aggressive method which is wet sanding. This time consuming and labor intensive process ensures that your paint will be as defect free as possible.

**We highly recommend upgrading to our Professional Grade System X ceramic coating to preserve your newly perfected vehicle.