IS A Ceramic Coating For ME?

You may be asking yourself is a ceramic coating right for my vehicle? Do I really need it? And in reality, you don’t really need it but in my honest opinion, you do need it. It’s the best protection for your car for the long run.

Just think about it, when you buy your new cell phone, whether it’s the latest iphone for my iphone lover or if you love the android phones you buy that $1,000 phone and first thing you do is buy the screen protector and phone case because you want to protect that expensive investment. Another way of thinking about it is, you buy that gorgeous dream home and now you have to protect it with home owner insurance because you know if anything happens to it you’re covered. So why not do the same for your car? Think of the protection for the term.

A ceramic coating is not for you though if you don’t care about how your vehicle looks, meaning that you look at it and say it’s just a car that takes me from point A to B and sometimes C. If  you plan on just taking it to an automatic car wash or just not wash it then it’s not for you. But if you love keeping your car looking brand new and care about the protection of your vehicle, then a ceramic coating is for you!

While ceramic coatings are expensive, look at the value it brings to the table. Low and easy maintenance, long durability, higher gloss on your car that makes you say “THAT’S MY CAR OMG”!